Making up cool stories since *1977










Welcome to the website and cyber hideout of Richard (Rik) Lagarto


Rik has been making up cool stories since he was at least 7*.

Now as an adult he continues to make up cool and interesting narrative experiences for his audiences.

Rik began his story creating career as a theatre performance maker, working primarily as a director and writer in performances that fused text, movement and multimedia.

After 12 years in theatre and community cultural arts projects, Rik took his creative bat and ball moved into game development as a designer and writer.

For the last 7 years Rik has worked as a writer, narrative designer and systems designer for companies such as 2K Marin, Creative Assembly (Sega), Black Orc Games and Krome.

Rik has worked in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and is currently based in Canberra Australia. Rik is also an active member and current Vice-President of the Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild 

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